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BA 211: Financial Accounting: Home

Library resources included here support the course objective of providing an overview of Financial Accounting.


This is a course research guide developed by Shirley Roberts, Instruction Librarian and Business Liaison, in support of BA 211: Financial Accounting.

Use the tabs above to learn more about what you need to know about information, how to locate library reference sources, books and other materials, journal articles, news and publications, and other online resources, along with the research process and finally some assignment examples your professor may assign.  These assignment examples may or may not be found in the course.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list; please do not hesitate to contact the library for further assistance.

Basic Overview

Here is a summary of what you will find within/under each tab above:

What you need to know about information!
Find out what it means when a professor asks you to find a popular or a scholarly article, or a primary source, or understanding the information cycle, which will help you better know what information is available on your topic and better evaluate information sources covering the topic.......

How to Find Resources
You will find here information on how to access EOU Pierce Library, to find reference sources, books, journal articles, etc.  Also a link for general how-to tutorials and some hands-on tutorials for using subscription databases.

What is Research?
Research is a conversation and you are part of that conversation.  Take a look at the tutorial linked here for further discussion of this position.

Whether you are preparing an article review, an annotated bibliography, a term paper, etc. there are questions you should ask yourself regarding your information need.  Take a look, it will help you get started on whatever effort you are working on.

Assignment Examples
Information provided on what an article review is, annotated bibliography, literature review, research topic development, creation of a research question......


Cite Sources and Avoid Plagiarism

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is using other people's ideas without giving them proper credit for it. When you do this, you are implying that the ideas are your own. Doing this violates ethical standards. It can also endanger your grade. Use these resources to cite sources and avoid plagiarism:

Research Help

Get help from Pierce Library
More help at EOU

Subject Guide

Shirley Roberts
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During the summer please email.